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Food Product Review – BakeMe Snacks


Who loves Muesli bars? We do! They are the best snacks for on-the-go but they are actually packed FULL of refined sugars and preservatives. You can call me a kill-joy or just an over-reactive mother but its important to me to monitor the sugar content in the foods that I serve my kids. It’s common knowledge that refined sugars aren’t great for us and in fact children under two shouldn’t consume any refined sugars at all as their bodies don’t have the ability to process them yet. This is why I rarely buy muesli bars and I never use packet mixes of anything. I bake all my own treats for my kids because then I can control the ingredients and sugar content.

That is until I discovered BakeMe Snacks Bake-at-home Mixes!

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Tidy Tot Product review Australia

Product Review – Tidy Tot Australia

I was pretty excited to be asked by Ast + Co to review the Tidy Tot! Since my son started BLW 5 years ago, I’ve always just dealt with the mess because I knew how much he loved food. I think I was then a bit desensitized to it when Cleo, my daughter, started her Baby-Led Weaning journey.

Why?? Why did I accept that there wasn’t a better way?

I now know there IS a better way and that is with the Tidy Tot! A genius product that is a must have for BLWing especially if you don’t cope well with mess.

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